How To Give Edible Christmas Gifts In A Unique Way


One of the best things you can give your friends and family members at Christmastime is edible gifts. You certainly don't have to worry about getting somebody the wrong size sweater or a scarf in a color the recipient doesn't like. Instead, they'll be receiving something that they can enjoy during the holidays or even throughout the year. The trick is to give them gift foods in a unique presentation.

Gifts To Warm The Body - Of course, you've probably already thought of giving mugs with packages of gourmet hot chocolate packages in them, but a different way to present that gift would be to give the recipients a cute kettle with the chocolate packages inside the kettle. A box of assorted tea bags tied to a jar of honey and a message that says something like, "Here's to sweet holidays ahead!" is another fun idea. Summer sausages or other gourmet sausages tucked into warm socks and tied with brightly colored ribbons would be a festive way to present your gift.

Other Clever Presentations - Special gourmet cheeses given with a porcelain mouse figurine and a note that says, "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" would be a great gift for the cheese lovers on your list. Do you have students on your list? Think about giving them a cute lunch box full of cheese sticks and sausages that don't need to be refrigerated. A super fun presentation would be gourmet cheese or sausage adhered to a big bottle of soda that carries a note reading, "I'm SODA-LIGHTED you are in my life!"

Gifts To Enjoy All Year - For an extra special gift, arrange for monthly delivery of edible treats that include things like decadent chocolates, fancy crackers, different types of sausages, nuts, specialty drinks, or fruit from companies in your area such as Nossack Fine Meats Ltd.

As you think of those who will be on your gift list, don't forget people like school teachers and other school personnel, the staff at your dental office and at your doctor's office, your beautician or barber, and your coworkers. It's also a good idea to keep a list of what you gave friends and family members the last few years so that you can give them something a bit different next year and don't end up being the person who always gives the same gifts. Gourmet foods will be a perfect gift for Christmas 2016.


15 December 2015

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